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Biggest Gain Contest - OFFICIAL RULES

The Biggest Gain Contest is a 3 month contest presented by the NRS Community Development Federal Credit Union that will begin Sunday September 2, 2018 thru Sunday November 25, 2018. The church is guilty of teaching people to tithe without telling people how to handle the 90%. This contest is designed to teach and promote the art of saving, so that people no longer have to climb high just to get to the bottom. The winner of the contest at the end of 3 months who saves the most from their starting to ending balance will receive $500 added to their savings account.


1. Open a savings account with NRSCDFCU.
One can open savings account at any time during the contest. NRSCDFCU has both checking and savings account, but this contest is restricted to savings accounts only. If you already have a savings account, there’s no need to open another one with NRSCDFCU for this contest.

2. Register for contest with NRSCDFCU during normal hours of operation: Monday-Wednesday 9am-5pm, Thursday 9am-2pm, Friday 9am-5pm, and Sunday 9am-2pm but closed during 12N service.One can register at any time before or during contest.

3. Way To Save
All Biggest Gain Contestants must sign up for automatic deduction from their employer payroll or another account going into NRSCDFCU savings account. Automatic deduction does not have to be one’s entire check. It can be whatever one determines that he or she wants to save. Additional deposits can also be made manually by each contestant.

4. Winner
The member with the largest financial gain in his/her savings account during the contest is the winner. Financial gain will be based off of percentage, not dollar amount.


Download a copy of the official contest rules here